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Fleece Jackets

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Hot Sale Outddor Fleece Jacket For Tactical Adventure Use

Product Introduction

Fleece Jacket

Fleece Jacket is versatile enough for cold-weather activities in a pinch. A fleece will help you stay warm in cold winter weather. Perfect for wear as a mid layer. A fleece jacket will typically have a zipper up the middle, rather than buttons or other fasteners. It will provide thermal insulation but is not normally weatherproof and so it will not effectively keep out wind and rain.


Camouflage Pattern & Color


Gray is so neutral that is often referred to as the color "without color". It is spread across the natural world and present in many components of the landscape but also in the wildlife, providing animals with universal camouflage and allowing them to blend with their surroundings. The German Army wore grey uniforms from 1907 until 1945, during both the First World War and Second World War. It was one of the first uniform colors to be chosen for its camouflage value, important in the new age of smokeless powder and more accurate rifles and machine guns, it gave the Germans a distinct advantage.

Specification Options


Fabric Material: Can be Customized.

Weaving Style: Can be Customized.

Yarn Count: Can be Customized

Yarn Density: Can be Customized

Weight: Can be Customized

Camouflage Pattern & Color: Can be Customized



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